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Hey! She wrote a scene! She is me!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

For years now, I have collected ideas on pages in my journal, notes in my phone, and scribbles on scraps of paper that float in backpack until their mistakenly thrown away. Ideas for scenes, short films, or elements of play that run through my noggin throughout the day and need to be remembered.

Feeling the creative slump of summer, I decided to team up with the amazing folks at Reel-U Film and make some brand spankin' new vid magic for myself.

In addition to that, I added a challenge into the mix - I would help write the scenes!

My thought process was as follows:

"No bullshit, no excuses, my writing will be required to complete this project that I am investing my time and energy and money into, and I will therefore - GET. IT. DONE!"

Everyone has their process, right?

I am endlessly grateful with the opportunity to work with Mackenzie and Anthony at Reel-U and you can see all 3 scenes we made together on my Video page here.

Enjoy, and keep a look out for many more scenes to come. Time to start crossing some of those ideas off my endless lists!



A still from "Anything?" - a short made with Reel-U film

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