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Emily Rellis, Executive Producer

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Today is the opening performance of the 2019 SheLA Summer Theater Festival, and the official seal of my first credit as an Executive Producer.

I write this from the cutest bungalow Airbnb in LA with a large check list to do and no coffee to keep me awake, but - amidst all of that, I am finally having a moment of peace. After months and months of emails, phone calls, Skype meetings, planning, re-planning, and re-planning yet again - we did it. The Festival is formed, the theater is buzzing, and you know what they say - "The show must go on!"

If the word "Producer" wasn't already coined, I would call us "ProDOcers" - as that's the main job of any Executive Producer - to make sure all things get done, and by god, what a feeling to realize when it all finally has! It's truly a deep sense of satisfaction I hope everyone can feel some time in their careers. We don't know what lies beyond tonight - the twists and the turns all our performances and festival events might take, but that is where the real fun lies. I am feeling more ready than even.

Now, time for coffee and to start chipping away at this check-list.



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