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Emily Rellis, Director...a whole new adventure...
Here's a little story for you.

When on a producing gig for a large media brand, I overheard some of the executives discussing a video that "needed to be done ASAP", "was an important internal project", and "needed to be put to the top of everyone's lists". 
As luck would have it, all of their plates were truly full. There was a small glimmer of panic. Who would direct this? It had to be done in a few days the following week! Who could they bring in?

Smelling an opportunity - I approached the team lead and said - "I could do this. I feel confident in my connection with the video mission and feel like I could capture exactly what you're looking for" And they said yes!

Just like that, a toe was dipped in the Director pool and you can see the results below for Ogilvy's 30for30 program - promoting women's advancement within high level marketing firms.

Pretty kismet, right?

Ogilvy - 30for30 Program

2010 - present

2010 - present

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