Tall, Curly, Queer, Here to help you feel something.


On April 18th, 1990 - an electronic billboard flashed the words "Welcome to the world Emily Ann Rellis" in Midtown, NYC.

I'm serious...really...there is photo evidence below.

The funniest part - they spelled it wrong - it's Anne with an "e!" What a majestic entrance to the world, regardless!

Hi, my name is Emily, and I am an actor + producer born and bred in New York.

While literally born with my name in lights  - for years, I worked solely behind the scenes in television production, helping produce live specials and events for pop-culture favorites Catfish: The TV Show, MTV's True Life, Love and Hip Hop: New York, and Beat Bobby Flay to name a few

After deciding 16 hour days behind the scenes were no longer fun or fulfilling, I traded my clip-board and credentials for scripts and rehearsals - bringing the same level of passion and dedication to my actor training and producing new theater works. I keep my creative abilities sharp -  training at The Studio/New York under Jayd McCarty and their stellar faculty. I am also hard at work elevating women's voices by producing new works each summer with the ladies of SheNYC Arts. 

Between mastering the NYC hustle, auditioning, and attempting to learn how to play a musical instrument for the 100th time, you can find me in Brooklyn - hunting down the best donut in the borough, petting all friendly dogs I can find, and perfecting the art of one-pot cooking.

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