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Tall, Curly, Queer, Here to help you feel something.


On April 18th, 1990 - an electronic billboard flashed the words "Welcome to the world Emily Ann Rellis" in Midtown, NYC.

I'm serious...really...there is photo evidence below.

The funniest part - they spelled it wrong - it's Anne with an "e!" What a majestic entrance to the world, regardless!

Hi, my name is Emily, and I am an actor + producer born and bred in New York.

While literally born with my name in lights  - for years, I worked solely behind the scenes in television production, helping produce live specials and events for pop-culture favorites Catfish: The TV Show, MTV's True Life, Love and Hip Hop: New York, and Beat Bobby Flay to name a few

After deciding 16 hour days behind the scenes were no longer fun or fulfilling, I traded my clip-board and credentials for scripts and rehearsals - bringing the same level of passion and dedication to my actor training and producing abilities.

I keep my creative abilities sharp -  training consistently with legends like Anthony Abeson, Larry Moss, and the faculty at The PIT NYC, The SecondCity Chicago, and The Studio/New York. You need a strong comedic lead with incredible improv skills but also a high emotional range? I am your gal!

I believe to actually call yourself a creative, we must constantly be in pursuit of growing and expanding our own personal magic, and most importantly, giving it back to the communities we belong to. So, when not on stage or screen:


I am a founding member of SheNYC Arts a 501c3 nonprofit striving for gender equity in the entertainment sphere, and the Executive Producer of the SheLA Summer Theater Festival that showcases the talents of writers, composers, producers, directors, and other theater artists who are part of a marginalized gender group, including cis women, trans, and non-binary people.


As of 2023, I am also a certified Lucid Body Teacher, helping other actors discover new parts of themselves and the characters they are developing through somatic experience. (Does that sound awesome - cause I assure you, IT IS!) 


Intrigued? Inspired? Interested in working together? Me too. LET'S GET IT.

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